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Item Name B4 Type2 
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Key Ingredients Radix Rheum Palmatum,  Cordyceps Sinensis, Semen Prunus Persica, Cortex Cinnamomum Cassia  and  Radix Glycyrrhiza Uralensis.  
Product BenefitsB4 Type2 improves pancreas-related disease, upkeeps physical health, improves physical weaknesses, and upgrades immunity.  It can help to detoxify, cleanse, and regulate the human body system. It is recommended for people who suffered from Type2 Diabetes Melitus, Gout and Uric Acid, Constipation, High Cholesterol (LDL)-C, Thick Blood, Hypertension, Triglycerides (TG), Senile Dementia, and Sexual Impotence.
Product Features
  • Significantly improves pathologic changes in pancreatic tissues and increase the number of pancreas β cells.
  • Increases the number of insulin receptors in the liver of diabetic, improves sensitivity towards insulin and reduces  insulin resistance in receptors.
  • Improves glucose transporter 4 genes in bones and muscles.
  • Prevents and soothes complication caused by diabetes.
  • Good effects for patients who are not getting results using Western medicine, including suffering from serious insulin resistance and secondary ineffectiveness towards Thiourea medication.


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