B4 AntiOx (14 sachets) 75MYR 24USD

Item Name B4 AntiOx
Price $24.00
Key Ingredients
Acai Berry, Green Barley, Wheat Grass, Spirulina, Pine Bark Extract, Noni, Alfafa, Brown Rice, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Black Seeds.
Health Problems
Free Radicals (oxidative stress), low nutrients,  high calories, cholesterol and acidity may  impact the body,  leading to health problems such as  heart disease, liver disease, skin disease, cancer, and organ failures. Obesity may also lead to a combination of all the above.
Over-acidification of the blood and body tissues is a primary contributor to sickness and disease.
Product Benefits
B4AntiOx is alkaline and helps to reduce blood and tissue acidity and for better health and well being.
It contains high quality antioxidants to protect against free radicals, naturally alkalises, and detoxifies the body, thus improving oxygenation and provides complete nutrients for meal replacement.

·         Eliminates toxins and improves digestion.  Most skin problems are associated with poor digestion and build-up of toxins in the digestive tract.
·         Provides ideal nutritional balance for the body’s beneficial gut bacteria, which keeps harmful bacteria count low, aids digestion, and provides valuable nutrients.
·         Its antioxidants protect from harmful effects of free radicals, preventing premature aging of skin.  Antioxidants promote healthy blood flow, and healthy skin depends on good blood flow.
·         Optimal health depends on both getting the right nutrition, and daily detoxification.
·         Provides an ideal health, beauty, and anti-aging supplement  solution.
·         Promotes efficient digestion by supporting the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, enhancing nutrient absorption, providing anti-oxidant protection, and supplying critical support nutrients.


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